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Pramila  is  the first Penpaar Pulavar to have written a Sangam Tamil Epic in the language, namely Potruhil (2012), currently used for research alone with precautions. The Book is believed to be a Timeline shifter by some scholars.  The poetess took her ancestral religion Sri Vaishnavism. She has written Sangam Tamil Poetry on Lord Vishnu and is writing a Vaishnavism epic currently. See biography for more information.    [Pen Names: Ann AriEl Wilson, Jannath Al-firdhaws

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Pramila, previously been writing as Ann AriEl or Jannath Al-Firdhaws in some works She  has the  potential to connect to the spiritual world that she doesn't identify or adhere herself with any particular religion other than Vaishnavite Monotheism though her parents are Christians.  Earlier, her dress code differed as per interests/need and often confused onlookers.

Pramila, is a Tulu Vaishnavite Brahmin by ethnicity, born in a Christian family converted three generations ago; became a staunch Vaishnavite in early 2016 after visions and dreams of Lord Vishnu. She yearned to worship Garbodakashayi Vishnu alone.  Later changed her pen name to the Arabic name she loved.

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Honorable Member of Parliament La. Ganesan  releasing Agam Nooru on 21/12/2016 in Chennai

Note: The author has created the Gianni and Jamshad Rahim Khan characters with movie characters as inspiration. Actor Jamshad Umar Cethirakath has nothing to do with the events or actions of the aforesaid characters of the My Brother Satan Fiction Series. Queries related to this issue will not be addressed unless solicited by the actor himself. Mr. Jamshad Cethirakath (Alias) Aarya, expressed no objections about the usage of his first name however when asked through his brother and had consented usage stating it's not his name entirely.


"My Brother Satan" is a Supernatural, New World Order Adult Fiction Series by Jannath Al-Firdhaws.


"The Fire Lord against his Vampire Sister" is the sequel to "The Princess and the Serpent," of the My Brother Satan series.

Description:  The story line narrates the events that could happen preceding Armageddon with supernatural elements along with the basic story continued from Book-1.

The enmity between siblings gives the title though politics and romance is in the heights.

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"The Princess and the Serpent" had been released as the first book in the series.  

If Lucifer is not Satan, who is he?  If Bin Laden and Hitler had clones, could they govern in the upcoming Global Government, also called as the New World Order?

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Paperback:  $24.95         Kindle:  $0.99-$3.66

Description:  My Brother Satan is a New World Order Fiction series mixed with Supernatural elements.  Book-1, "The Princess and the Serpent," stands as the first book in the series.
Archangel Heylel a.k.a. Lucifer is seen in a different dimension.  He is not seen as one among the fallen but as a close one to God.

The word "Satan" gets a new focus. Raw truth is hidden in imagination. This book would bring in a new outlook on religion and human beliefs. The sex scenes are used as diversions as well as indicators of personality and inclinations of the characters. Overall, this book is a Revolution.  Join it!

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsEnter a new world.
By John Borg on July 17, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
An interesting read. A futuristic story set
 in the rule of the 'new world order', ranging
 from the supernatural to the very physical
 of love and sex, a world full of angels and
 darker spirits interacting in our world,
 narrated from a few different perspectives.
After reading it I start to feel like I'm 
surrounded by spirits, real or not.



  • The Reign of the Morningstar